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Faces by Kal is dedicated to facial bio-rejuvenation for men and women of all ages seeking to bring your face to the next level - without any fillers, botox or plastic surgery. With safe and non-intrusive methods offered by a skin care specialist, your face can always stay younger, and your facial health can be protected and preserved. So much is available, yet many people are unaware of the possibilities. Please use this opportunity to learn more. Your Face Is Forever.

Results & Recovery


The approval of my clientele over the last four years speaks for itself. During that time I have had as my clients a wide range of very satisfied men and women from all age groups. Naturally many clients have told me of the wonderful results they have observed themselves. But what has pleased me even more are the many clients whose family and friends spontaneously tell them how good they look. In this case, being told is believing.

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My Philosophy


I am a dedicated facial skin care specialist who has practiced in this field for the past 10 years. In that time I have enjoyed working with a very diverse and satisfied clientele. Frankly, I am passionate about the possibilities of anti-aging and preventative skin care. Working out of a doctor's office, I am also passionate about safety and about using a treatment that is personalized to the skin condition of my particular client. In skin care, I do not believe that one treatment fits all. I work only with safe, medically-approved treatments, which do not include fillers, botox, or plastic surgery. I go regularly to training seminars and workshops in this area to seek out the very best techniques, treatments and products that will benefit my clients. Faces are so important that I believe I must keep up to the moment as a duty to my clients. Perhaps most of all, I love my work - and the people I work with